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Multiple Sclerosis Research - Epidemiology, Etiology & Epigenetics. GLIMER II, III Study is the acronym for Global Initiative on Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology/Etiology Research

Locum International Group, LocumEuro, LocumUSA, Locum(Is) and Locum International LLC (US) as well as IAGIM Association & IAGIM Research Institute have undertaken a 6 - 9 year global initiative in the study of all five types of Multiple Sclerosis covering diverse fields of human microbiota impacting neuronal development and neuronal homeostasis, (incl. lung and reproductive microbiota) thyroid lymphocyte T-cell selection, Virology (EBV, HH6), Blood CNS Barrier penetration, neuronal CNS protein folding and repair, Chronic CNS inflammation pathways, auto-immune scaring and lesion in terms of epidemiology, etiology and epigenetics. All M/S research data, papers and current reviews will be published on the LIGroup of Companies, and Wikipedia to name a few open sources web sites.

GLIMER I Study is the acronym for Global Initiative on Multiple Sclerosis Epidemiology Research

Taking a closer look at the global current publication in multiple Sclerosis research pertaining to epidemiology etiology and epigenetics. A three year global initiative in terms of the biases and variations of gender, race, geographic area, Latitude, diet, exposure to sunlight (pre-puberty / post puberty), Vitamin D3 intake (pre-puberty / post puberty), Specific viral infections, EBV, HH6, Glandular Fever, (pre-puberty / post puberty), Genetics, Cluster populations, Confounding statistics (Retrospective) etc. Worldwide incidence and prevalence from 10/100 000 (Tropics) to 460/100 000 (Atlantic Area Canada)
GLIMER I initiative covers covers South Africa, Israel, Europe (North & South), USA, Canada and others.

Continual Adult Education [CAE] - Advanced Neuro Science Technical 4 year course.

NEURO A101, A201, A301 & A401 conducted over a four year period for post graduate students. This highly advanced on-site ( US and Canada) and evolving state-of-the art technical neuroscience course is structured by Prof. J. D. Block, a well published Neuro-Immuno Epidemiologist and Chief Scientist for the Locum International Group and Head of the Neuroscience Department of IAGIM Institute []. Cutting edge CNS technology, advanced epidemiology, epigenetics and etiology of autoimmune and neuronal degenerative diseases (81+) from Multiple Sclerosis to Stickman's disease (Stiff Persons Syndrome) are exhaustively covered for advanced post graduate students.
The NEURO advanced course is available online worldwide using a wide and diverse range of modern tuition technology. (See Project Level of first year student - Wiki)

NEURO 101, 201, 301 & 401 is presented for undergraduate and graduate students. Tuition, R&D and Library (Reading Lists) are comprehensive and exhaustive meeting the latest concepts and technology in medicinal organic chemistry (bio & molecular), quorum mathematics, Immune system and auto-immune responses and cellular interfacing, CNS protein chemistry (default folding), psychology, developmental anthropology, advanced genetics, epigenetics, the human genome, gastric, lung and reproductive microbiota and dietary functions affecting CNS homeostasis, microorganism quorum sensing and gastric cellular interfacing together with exhaustive CNS Neuro-physiology, advanced smart animal & human developmental anthropology and current concepts in smart animal developmental paleoanthropology and comparative neurology. (See Project Level of first year student - Wiki)

IAGIM Search FDA Key Databases at your fingertips
API Database Search of all FDA Approved API Substance Manufacturers Search by Drug Substance name or search by city or country. Type in 'Nabumatone' and get all the approved manufacturers of 'Nabumatone' or type in Taiwan and get all the Taiwanese API approved manufacturers. All FDA searchable databases available on IAGIM front-page.

International Mathematics Series - 25 volume series covering the main mathematical spectrum

The International 25 volume Journals Series in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and Computer Science. Several Journals are entirely devoted to specific fields highlighting various aspects of current development with the key emphasis on applications in science and technology highlighting key aspects of Dynamic Systems, Differential Equations and Control Processes, Numerical Methods, Fuzzy Sets, Discrete Mathematics, Wavelet Theory, Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Biostatistics, Materials Engineering and Technology, Solids and Structures, Electronics and Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Information Science and Computer Mathematics, and Ocean Research, Specific Journals are devoted to core topics in Mathematics, such as Algebra, Number Theory, Geometry, Topology, Functional Analysis and Fixed Point Theory - NEW MATH JOURNALS

Int. J. of Drug R&D ; Int. J. of Process Validation ; Int. J. of Generic Master Formula ; Int. J. of Drug Registration ; Int. J. of Generic Registration ; Int. J. of Drug cGMP

Now in the sixteenth year - six technical authoritative journals are custom designed for both brand and generic pharmaceutical high tech firms. This is State-of -the Art drug development and cGMP covers a lot of ground and is available in seven formats specific to the Africa, US & Canada, Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim and World research and manufacturing firms. Visit our online journal, handbook and technology catalog.

International Journal of Food & Wine R&D and Food & Wine cGMP

Locum International Press - publishers of the renown, peer reviewed international journal series on innovative and generic drug development have expanded their International Journals to Food & Wine R&D & The International Journal on Food & Wine cGMP. Structured as a 80p full color, glossy, technical, hands-on, state-of-the-art, international R&D and Good Manufacturing Practice publication, the Journal fills a long awaited gap in the food and wine technology markets

IVIVC - Pilot Biostudies

IAGIM and University of Maryland get together designing a IVIVC-Bio Pilot Joint Venture Project - highlighting all the do's and don'ts, tips & traps in performing IVIVC. Snapshot of global clients


Locum International Group - Drug Development publishers of the renown, peer reviewed international journal and 24 volume handbook series on innovative and generic drug development have initiated drug development workshops in the world's leading research centers. PAI & SOPs are available now for engineering, drug development, innovative and generic manufacturing

SOP Index

Essential info technology for an error free drug development laboratory unit. The SOP Index represents a reasonably adequate set of standard operating procedures for the pharma and analytical development departments to function efficiently. Pharmaceutical, Analytical, Stability, Microbiological & other SOPs

FREE Handbook Series on CD ROM to IAGIM members

New annual updated edition of Generic Handbooks [on CD ROM] for all purchases of the 24 volume Handbook Series. If you are a current IAGIM member then - LIG will mail to you the NEW CD Handbook Edition that you previously purchased in print last year or earlier. - View monthly Specials


New products, new technology, joint ventures, partnership programs and other upcoming information that is just around the corner, and is displayed online. Snapshot of global clients

US Drug List: Innovative (brand) and Generic.
600+ color ID pictures of tablets & capsules together with names and strengths.

A public service by Locum International Group which will be of value to the pharmaceutical industry as well as to the private sector. This Drug Identification library will gradually extend to include pharmaceuticals manufactured in other countries. The library will be extended to include products of Generic Manufacturers

Press Releases from Locum

Milestone Press Releases through time pertaining to Locum International and the International Journals.
Locum International Group 5 year global shipping report (Click)

Development Pipeline - Extended Association Benefits

Locum International Group's spectacular drug pipeline offers existing and new IAGIM Drug Development Association Members and the wide variety of know-how Benefit Plans


Get your Journal ISSN & Title Information here!

The International Journal of Generic Drugs, the International Journal of Drug Development, International Journal of Drug R&D, International Journal of Drug cGMP has three geographic zones
Each geographic zone (US / EU / Pacific Rim) publishes in two formats; namely Print and Electronic.


Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are continually being added - Helps you to understand the layout and how we design the site. Snapshot of global clients

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Expositions

New workshops, conferences, seminars and book fairs are available at varying locations worldwide. Contact webmaster to verify topics, dates and venues.

IAGIM membership of new research institutions and pharmaceutical companies & firms

LIG rigidly protects its copyright and intellectual property. Due to our authors copyright and intellectual property rights LocumGroup will refuse sale or delivery even after payment to all anonymous end-users (procured by agent or third party) where the possibility of an infringement can or may occur. Universities and multiple users in academia and industry require multiple use licenses. No institution may place our LIG electronic files and research databases online for public or private view and/or resale, as authors do not receive their rightful copyright fees. Locum rigorously blacklists web search engines and other international institutions that attempt to violate and/or bypass international copyright law and international property rights whereby depriving authors of an honest living.

IAGIM validates all association applications for new members via the company web site and other published press reports. The validation process for the application of recent or new manufacturing or development company or research orientated institution (without an established and well known web site) is a standard operating procedure involving a thorough application, checklist, questionnaire and end process vetting and validation procedure. (Including among others are company registration numbers and reg. certificate, operating license, GMP certificate, company brochures and trade/press references that comprise of the overall applicant company validation. The data also serves for the protection of IAGIM and its existing members as well as Locum Group's intellectual property and copyright records).

Handbook of Pharmaceutical Generic Development - CATALOG

The handbook catalog highlights some of the essential material covered in each of the volumes in the Handbook Series. Each catalog entry is linked to the Table of Contents of the specific Drug Development Handbook. To view the Handbook Catalog

LocumEuro Web Site
Euro clients and IAGIM members will be interested to browse the Euro web site at
Home of the International Journal of Drug Development and International Journal of Drug R&D. LocumEuro is targeted Euro-EU specific drug development data and CMC know-how (with Euro Guidelines and equivalent Drugs) while caters for the US and EU Generic Drug Development
The Group's International Site highlights LIG global overview and partnership programs.



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