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Frequently asked SHIPPING questions

1. How long will it take to get my ordered goods - Handbooks, CMC Files, SOPs or Journals?

Most US and Canada local orders are shipped direct door-to-door to actual pharma enduser within 2-4 business days from receipt and complete process of the payment method, by US Bank Courier Check (US Draft) confirmation. Shipping (~3-5 business days - and is state dependent.) All copyright is held by IAGIM and LIG are the authorized printers (POD) and international shippers. Temporary IAGIM membership for purchasing IAGIM Copyrighted Handbooks is mandatory to all buyers and temporary IAGIM Membership can be purchased for 90 day / 180 day interval periods. Note: Overseas shipping takes longer and may be customs dependent.

We utilize registered, insured airmail for Journals and US EMS Courier for Handbooks shipping as this is the most economical means. ~3 - 5 business days for Certified USA Bank Checks (USA $ Courier Checks).

Since 2010 the Group Publishing Division modernized to an advanced Internet web-based electronic and Print-on-demand (POD) global operation rendering central server and printing facilities obsolete. Known as 'Cloud computing and publishing' all software and storage is a web based Internet publication system for electronic or POD requirements that allows for rapid global editing and updating of all LIGs publications.

2. Different Shipping Levels

nce shipped it usually takes between 3 - 10 business days customs defendant to most parts of the world. Please note there are three shipping levels. Priority or FastTrack and Expedited Shipping.

Priority & FastTrack Shipping
- Certified USD $ Payments (Courier Checks).
You can really FastTrack your shipments. Payment is in Certified USD $. This is very much faster than Priority Shipping.

5. To register for FastTrack you simply have to SCAN on date of payment a copy of your bank-to-bank transfer documents to Locum. That's All - You have registered and you bypass all Normal shipping. It's as simple as that and well worth it. Of course we can streamline our orders when we know what's in the pipeline - so its good for us too.

6. Internationally Shipping and How Much Does it Cost?

International shipping is standard as our publishers are in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It costs $149 per EMS air mailed handbook for <4 kg weight which represents the average two part handbook volume unpacked. Handbooks >4 plus Kg is $169 per set.

The courier shipping, insurance and replacement costs are $149 for postal weights of under 4 Kg each and $169 for postal weights of over 4 Kg.

Note all Int. Journals titles and editions are mailed totally free of charge anywhere. Firms may register and insure journal subscriptions at a nominal cost to insure no mail loss or damage.

We will provide you an exact invoice quote, based on an e-mail request of your chosen shipping levels, before we ship your goods, if you wish. Your final receipt will show exact costs. Your invoice is your contract.

Your receipt will reflect the actual air shipping cost at the time of weighing and air shipping to the different postal zones. Please note that shipping and insurance estimations may change marginally from time to time, as postal rates change, and may occasionally differ very slightly from the initial e-mail quotation which comes off a fixed list.

All shipping is priority post, registered first class air mail when under 4 kg and by EMS courier when over 4 Kg and the parcel is insured for a 100% replacement, if lost or damaged.

7. Trans-shipment, rerouting demurrage charges, and natural disaster
Transshipments, on-route cancellations, or reroutes are not insured nor is freight covered for the reshipment. Warehousing demurrage costs may range from $4.90 to $5.90 /kg/day when on-route for transshipment or on-route cancellations or shipping redirecting occur or delivery cannot be achieved such as protocol or contract violations. Clients are responsible for these additional costs incurred by the shipper, shipper agents and/or publisher and other related transportation parties. Publishers, shippers and insurers are not responsible for delays or damages occurring directly or indirectly due to war or natural disasters, such as flood, water, wind, earthquake and such non-made natural occurrences (Acts of God'').LIG 5 year shipping report

8. Alternate Shipping Address
In the very rare cases where Locum POD Shippers cannot ship to a specific destination or address purchasing clients are required to present an alternative USA, Canadian, Israeli, Middle East or EU shipping address.

Note: On request Locum will provide you with an exact courier quote from EMS before shipping insured items, door-to-door for expedited courier orders. |SEE SPECIAL OFFERS

9. What is LIG Credit / Return / Non-return or exchange policy?

All US and EU handbooks in perfect, unopened, recallable condition (in the original shipping material), ordered in genuine error or order duplicated, can be canceled within <14 days of placing the initial handbook order (that is <14 days from date of invoice) for a prorate-refund, less printing, shipping, insurance, returned overnight exclusively by FEDEX/UPS/DHL international carriers, secretarial costs, administration costs, inspection costs and restocking costs. If you request or intend to return an unopened, unused handbook, meeting all the above conditions and which is not a POD Handbook (as described) buyers must first contact LOCUM INTENTIONAL for a Return Authorization Certificate ('RAC') and request overnight FEDEX/UPS/DHL [prepaid by returning agent] courier shipping instructions, as defined above. POD Handbooks or any handbooks physically in the shipping process cannot be returned or requested for return under any circumstances whatsoever due to substantial costs paid out.(Reimbursement value is <15% - 20% of the original web site retail price). On the 15th day of the actual invoice date no HandBook Order can be canceled or any printed matter be requested for return. Buyer's of Locum Int. Handbooks who have not paid the IAGIM Copyright Fee as per invoice are not eligible for participation in the return and exchange policy and will be subject to a $3 day fee from date of original invoice and non payment.
Where buyers have advanced claims to be agents or resellers and have received agency discounts of 5 -10% such discount shall be refunded back to LOCUM INTERNATIONAL LLC in full together with the $3.00 (USA) day fee from date of original invoice.
. International Journal and Handbook Purchasers who refuse invoiced copyright payment(s) or are found at a later time to not be approved agents shall pay forthright the copyright invoiced fee and be debited with the agency discount where they are not approved agents.

10. Credit / Changes to Trading Conditions
We will access a credit less shipping, insurance and all handling charges once the returns are accepted, inspected and processed (it takes about 9 -15 weeks and credit is less than 15%). When any single H/B set or multiple sets of the 12 / 24 /33 / 55 Handbook volumes or set/s or H/B Series is Printed-on-Demand (POD Handbooks come from, Canada, EU, Israel, or US ) then no HandBook/s returns are permitted and no claims are entered into or processed. Cancellations or order changes in cases of less than <14 days from initial invoices date occurring during 'shipping-in-process', transit or while 'shipped in transit via bonded warehouses' would generate and require additional reshipping, reinsurance and appropriate warehouse demurrage charges that occurred after changes to invoice activation terms and/or notification of shipment and/or changes to the original invoice terms and/or changes to trading conditions and/or changes to associated trading terms stated in facsimiles, letters, voice mails or e-mail correspondence.

11. Security codes

ll handbooks have security UV codes and light sensitive ink that guard against unauthorized photocopying. Unfortunately, no opened (seal broken) or used Handbooks POD Handbook, or computer CD/DVD dataware can be returned (Copyright Protection).

12. Paying by USA $ Bank Check (USA Courier Draft).

Mail the bank draft direct to our US Bank in Florida or Canada. We immediately process orders for shipping when we see checks have been received and fully cleared by our designated bank. (Ask for full details)

13. Journal Backorder Sets
ll journal Backorder sets are available once per year from April - June. Batch lots (min 50 sets) of journal sets comprising of all eight journal titles are printed and shipped once annually. Back Sets are intended for universities and teaching organizations and are not used outside this sphere as the small publishing runs are sponsored by the Locum International Group and are not intended to operate on a profit basis.

13. Journal / Handbook and price changes with expired unpaid invoices
In the case of routine published price increases during an invoice period and the invoice has subsequently expired the purchaser shall pay the higher or new advertised Journal or handbook price as stated on the official Locum International website.

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