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Frequently Asked Questions (21 Q's)

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1. POD Global Operation - Handbooks, CMC Files, SOPs or Journals?

Most orders are shipped generally within 5 business days from actual receipt of the payment via electronic bank transfer confirmation. LIG's policy is not to ship editions just going out-of-date. The latest updated and expanded editions will always take shipping priority. This LIG policy is never violated especially when new editions are about to be published. Obsolete editions are totally withdrawn and removed three months prior to any new edition publishing date.

2. How long will it take to get my ordered goods - Handbooks, CMC Files, SOPs or Journals?

Most US and Canada local orders are shipped direct door-to-door to actual pharma enduser within 2-4 business days from receipt and complete process of the payment method, by US Bank Courier Check (US Draft) confirmation. Shipping (~3-5 business days - and is state dependent.) All copyright is held by IAGIM and LIG are the authorized printers (POD) and international shippers. Temporary IAGIM membership for purchasing IAGIM Copyrighted Handbooks is mandatory to all buyers and temporary IAGIM Membership can be purchased for 90 day / 180 day interval periods. Note: Overseas shipping takes longer and may be customs dependent.

3. We utilize registered, insured airmail for Journals and US EMS Courier for Handbooks shipping as this is the most economical means. ~3 - 5 business days for Certified USA Bank Checks (USA $ Courier Checks).

4. Since 2010 the Group Publishing Division modernized to an advanced Internet web-based electronic and Print-on-demand (POD) global operation rendering central server and printing facilities obsolete. Known as 'Cloud computing and publishing' all software and storage is a web based Internet publication system for electronic or POD requirements that allows for rapid global editing and updating of all LIGs publications.

5. Since 2006 the Group Publishing Division modernized to an advanced Internet web-based electronic and print-on-demand (POD) global operation system rendering central server and printing facilities obsolete.
Known as 'Cloud computing and publishing' all software and storage is a web based Internet publication system for electronic or POD requirements that allows for the creation, editing and updating of all LIGs publications.

6. Alternate Shipping Address

In the very rare cases where Locum Shippers cannot ship for technical reasons to a specific destination or address purchasing clients are required to present a USA or EU shipping address.

7. We utilize registered fully 100% replacement insured airmail or courier for shipping as this is the most economical means. Once shipped it usually takes between 3 -10 business days to most parts of the world.

8. Shipping Levels

Please note there are four levels of shipping. Normal, Priority, Fast Tract and Expedited Shipping. Expedited orders for "Second Day" and "Next Day Air" shipping, are also business days only.

LIG will process your purchases, free of any country salestax / GST / VAT / local or any custom taxes etc. in either the UK, IOM, Canada, USA, RSA,
Israel or Ireland.

9. What if an item is out of stock or about to get a new updated edition?

99.9% of our titles are in stock all the time due to our global cloud computing and POD systems and can be shipped within 48 - 96 hours of courier check or wire payment.  In the rare event that a specific handbook is on backorder as a new edition is about to be published, then shipping will be delayed, we will send you an e-mail to notify you, and give you the option to cancel your order. Current handbook editions or temporary out-of-print editions/volumes are regularly updated on the web site via our global modern up-to-date printing facilities
No order will supply any Handbook that is about to go out of the current Edition Number when a new edition is available within a 45 day window. New Editions are printed in November and shipped in late Nov/Dec. of each year.

10. Locum Paperless Office
The Locum International Group and Locum International Publishers operate an entirely 100% paperless office. Bank checks/drafts are mailed direct to our on site bank depot while credit card information is processed electronically utilizing either a standard facsimile (data sent to our digital fax machines), e-mail scan or via our modern secure online processing system.

11. Do you Share or Sell my Personal Information?

No,  we never share your name, or other demographic information with anyone - ever!  On very rare occasions we may let you know about new specials, delays, tracking information, new handbook editions, issues or updates to our web site which will enable you to save even more money. In the same way LIG protects your privacy. LIG rigidly protects its copyright and intellectual property.

12. Strong Copyright Protection (Protection keeps prices low).
Due to our authors copyright and intellectual property rights Locum International Group will refuse/withdraw sale or delivery to anonymous end-users where the possibility of a copyright infringement can occur or has occurred. Client who refuse to complete the IAGIM membership forms attached with all invoices to avoid copyright protection for the authors automatically forfeit any prepayment (check or wire payment) as this action clearly indicates a potential or active copyright infringement. Shipping will be withheld until IAGIM temporary membership documents are completed in full and accepted by IAGIM.

NOTE: US Copyright Protection violation is up to $100,000 per violated page. Locum International Group actively pursues copyright violators - worldwide.

13. Do you Ship Internationally and How Much Does it Cost?

International shipping is standard as our publishers are in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It costs USD $99 per insured, global priority mail handbook ~ <2 kg weight which represents the current average two part handbook volume. The courier shipping and replacement insurance costs per Handbook volume will not exceed USD $165 for postal weights under >2 kg and <4 Kg.

LIG will process your purchases, free of any country salestax / GST / VAT / local or any custom taxes etc. from our publishers in either the Asia, Africa, CANADA, EU, UK, IOM, SINGAPORE, SWITZERLAND, USA, RSA, Israel or Ireland.

14. Your receipt will reflect the actual air shipping cost at the time of weighing and air shipping to the different postal zones. Please note that shipping and insurance estimations may change marginally from time to time, as postal rates change, and may differ from the initial e-mail quotation.

All shipping is priority post, first class air mail courier or EMS and the parcel is insured for a 100% replacement, if lost or damaged.

15. Note: We will provide you with an exact EMS courier quote from EMS/UPS/DHL/FEDEX before shipping items, door-to-door for expedited courier orders. EMS Priority Global Express Mail is the MOST cost effective and usually FASTEST shipping service recommended by LIG.

What is LIG Credit / Return / Non-return or exchange policy? All US and EU handbooks in perfect, unopened, recallable condition (in the original shipping case material), ordered in genuine error or order duplicated, can be canceled within <14 days of placing the initial handbook order (that is <14 days from date of invoice) for a prorate-refund, less printing, shipping, insurance, returned overnight exclusively by FEDEX/UPS/DHL international carriers, less secretarial costs, administration costs, inspection costs and restocking costs. If you request or intend to return an unopened, unused handbook, meeting all the above conditions and which is not a POD Handbook (as described) buyers must first contact LOCUM INTENTIONAL for a Return Authorization Certificate ('RAC') and request overnight FEDEX/UPS/DHL [prepaid by returning agent] courier shipping instructions, as defined above. POD Handbooks or any handbooks physically in the shipping process cannot be returned or requested for return under any circumstances whatsoever due to substantial costs paid out.(Reimbursement value is <15% - 20%). On the 15th day of the actual invoice date no HandBook Order can be canceled or any printed matter be requested for return.

17. W
e will access a credit less shipping, insurance and all handling charges once the returns are accepted, inspected and processed (it takes about 9 -15 weeks and credit is less than 15%). When any single H/B set or multiple sets of the 12 / 24 /33 / 55 Handbook volumes or set/s or H/B Series is Printed-on-Demand (POD Handbooks come from, Canada, EU, Israel, or US ) then no HandBook/s returns are permitted and no claims are entered into or processed. Cancellations or order changes in cases of less than <14 days from initial invoices date occurring during 'shipping-in-process', transit or while 'shipped in transit via bonded warehouses' would generate and require additional reshipping, reinsurance and appropriate warehouse demurrage charges that occurred after changes to invoice activation terms and/or notification of shipment and/or changes to the original invoice terms and/or changes to trading conditions and/or changes to associated trading terms stated in facsimiles, letters, voice mails or e-mail correspondence.

18. Security codes

ll handbooks have security UV codes and light sensitive ink that guard against unauthorized photocopying. Unfortunately, no opened (seal broken) or used Handbooks POD Handbook, or computer CD/DVD dataware can be returned (Copyright Protection).

19. Locum International Fact Sheet, Locum International Canada, Locum International Research Inc. Locum International (OM Israel) are fully independent research and publishing divisions of Locum International Group (LIG) who are world leaders in their technical and publishing fields since 1965. Locum strives to provide the most competitive prices and availability worldwide to drug development and research units. Locum international Group of companies worldwide are one of the first groups to operate a totally paperless office. Locum's entire web based publishing system, back office and global sales are paperless divisions seamlessly integrating both client and Internet operating systems.

20. Just what is an ISSN?

ISSN is an acronym for "International Standard Serial Number". The 8-digit numbering system utilized by the publishing industry gives every serial a unique identification number. You can instantly and almost assuredly find the exact journal / handbook you are looking for if you posses the 8 digit ISSN for the book you are looking for. The ISSN number can be found on the back of any book (you'll see the letters ISSN followed by the 8 digit number) as well as on the "copyright page."

21. Group or bulk order discounts.
For group or bulk orders (more than 10 units) please e-mail us {contact) and we will be more than happy to provide a very special quote - giving you a handsome discount.
Authorized agents and bookseller receive special rates for orders over 10 and 20 volumes (20 or 40 Handbooks) per year.

In the case of price increases during an invoice period and the invoice has expired the purchaser shall pay the higher or new advertised Journal or handbook price as stated on the official Locum International website.
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